Tinotenda Ncube

Professional Architect

“I believe Architecture goes beyond buildings, it is a sensory response to the way materials are put together in space”.

Tino, a Zimbabwean-South African architect, brings over eight years of experience to his solo practice, established in 2019 after working for renowned architectural firms in both Harare and Johannesburg. Specializing in high-end residential projects, Tino ensures a secure foundation for his clients’ investment futures by emphasizing quality in every aspect of the architectural process, from tools and drawings to collaboration with reputable contractors.

In his role as a Professional Architect, Tino personally leads high-end residential projects from inception to completion, showcasing his expertise in high-end residential design. His commitment to excellence extends beyond professional experience, as evidenced by his educational background. Tino holds a Master of Architecture degree (with distinction) from the University of Johannesburg, where he focused on heritage preservation and conservation, earning multiple awards for academic excellence and research.

At the heart of his interest in architecture is his passion for crafting efficient spaces using Building Information Modeling (BIM) in digital environments, with a keen emphasis on creating sustainable structures. Beyond individual projects, Tino aspires to contribute significantly to the broader development of the architectural profession and BIM practices in Africa and beyond. His¬†ambitious goal is underpinned by his hands-on approach, ensuring that his work stands not only as a testament to his artistic and innovative abilities but also as a lasting contribution to the enhancement of humanity’s habitats.